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Cruising with Tongarra
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If i'm going to be honest we were half hoping our tour would be canceled today. It has been canceled for the last two days due to dangerous weather conditions. It had rained all night and continued raining this morning. But despite that we set sail on Tongarra -  2 day 2 night tour of the Whitsundays booked with Red Cat Adventures.


​We have to check in and drop our bags at the Red Cat Reception by 2pm. We will get some breakfast in our hostel, head down to the shops to collect some alcohol and 'snacks' for the days ahead.  With the rain and wind continuing, surely it will be canceled, but we never know! 


We just went to check in and to our surprise they were running the tour! We are quickly packing our bags and will start the walk to the marina for a 2pm departure. If i'm being honest there isn't a lot to do in Airlie Beach when its raining, there's a few cafes and bars but most activities are canceled due to the weather so it's not like we've got a lot we are missing out on... Leaving the marina it was fairly windy and overcast with a sprinkle of rain, nothing a rain jacket couldn't handle.

We've been boarded onto the boat and are about half way to our first nights stop. The drinks are flowing, music is banging and there isn't much I wish I had here that I don't right now. I'm so glad the tour went ahead. With 10 people less than usual on our boat its very comfortable for 15 of us. A mix of Australian, German, Austrian, English, Belgian, and 1 dutch. We settled in for the night at maze bay in the whitsunday islands, put the tent over the top of the catamaran and spent the night drinking cheap wine and chatting. 


Tomorrow we have an early start. We are planned to go banana boating, snorkeling and visiting Whitehaven beach. ​


Camped out on the front deck, a 6:30am wake up call saw us slowly get out of bed and onto breakfast before a busy day. The food on these boats was above standard. I was a bit worried having selected Vegetarian that it would limit the food choices on board.

Both Travis and Rahn our crew did an outstanding job by not only serving great food but catering for vegetarians, vegans, celiac and non seafood eaters. After hurrying along 15 slow sleepy souls through the toughest meal of the morning, our skipper took us around Hook Island and Whitsunday Island to snorkel and banana boat for a few hours... 

Again a massive thank you to both crew men on board, they were able to assist any passenger, take all 15 of us out snorkeling and also out on the tender for banana boating without any hiccups or complaints. For 2  crew against 15 passengers it was pretty impressive.

Following our water sports we headed over to Whitehaven Beach. About an hour and a bit further away from Airlie Beach. With a bit of wind and light rain the trip was a little rocky but thankfully we didn't have anyone get sea sick.

Once we anchored up at Whitehaven beach we took the tender over to the shore, guided by our skipper we went for a walk to the lookout which is better than any photo you can see of Whitehaven beach. Shortly after descending down the mountain we went down to the beach. The sand as white as snow and as smooth as silk. It's like quick sand when wet with salt water, I couldn't believe it! 

We spent about 30-45 minutes before as a group deciding to head back to the boat due to rain over the island. It was enough time to see the Island for sure but usually passengers are allowed 2-3 hours. Once returning to the boat the rain had stopped and we decided to jump off the boat for a solid 1-2 hours.

I would say the people on your boat definitely make the experience you have and I wouldn't change anyone on our boat. We had a good mix of adventurous, quiet, calm and loud. There was always someone willing to try something new with you... I was so grateful for the people we meet on our boat. 

After some sun we headed back towards the Whitsunday Island to our anchorage point for the night. Nestled in a bay between Hook Island and the Whitsunday Island we were accompanied by a few boats for our second night at sea.

We enjoyed pasta for dinner with a few snacks and then settled in for a few drinking games before hitting they hay in the early hours of the morning. We have a lesser of a big day planned for tomorrow so fingers crossed between the wind and late night we all get enough z's. 

Again a massive hats of to the two crew on board for ensuring we all were fed, entertained and had a good time throughout the past two days. 



Heading back to Airlie Beach today, we started our morning later than usual. After packing up the front deck and eating breakfast we had a few jumps off the boat, packed up our stuff and sailed back to airlie beach. 


It was nice to finish the trip off with everyone talking and discussing our future travel plans. We are heading out tonight for some dinner with the group and crew before we all go our seperate ways tomorrow! It was an amazing experience and to anyone who wants to experience the Whitsundays and have a great time on the water I definitely recommend Tongarra.


Last thank yous to the crew and Travel Democracy without either of you I wouldn't have been leaving having had the time I did. 

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