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What's in my bag?

Having traveled all around the world I’ve learned a thing or two about what is important when it comes to packing a bag with everything I need.
​I prefer to always take a backpack as my carry on so I’m able to keep my hands free - ready for photos (it’s a blogger thing).

I always have my laptop, charger and camera is my carry on because I stress too much if it’s in my checked in baggage. Although it is all insured it’s not worth the risk.
I also pack the following:
A portable charger + associated cables
A hard drive
A portable scales for my bags
An empty reusable bottle
A toiletries bag - FULL of so many goodies.
A set of AirPods (say bye bye to cables)
A little pouch for my passport, cards, and currency.
A sim card for my destination- click here to get yours.
A universal transformer power outlet
A couple of snacks for the plane (yes the feed us but I love my comfort food)
My Passport and Boarding Pass are a given. 

That is just what goes into my carry on every trip I take. It’s all under 7kgs and will have everything I need in it.

When it comes to packing my checked in bag I've got some rules I follow. I have definitely learned as I've travelled some good things and some bad habits.  

My top rules when packing a checked in bag:

Never pack your weight limit - I always make sure I am at least 10 kgs less than what I should be. This allows room in your bag for shopping, but also means you're not carrying around such a heavy bag all the time! The last thing you want is a back or arm injury at the beginning of your trip because your luggage is too heavy. 

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Hey there! I'm Jade. 

I started my blog in 2017.

I have travelled to over 28 cities and

I am not stopping anytime soon! 


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