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Just close your eyes and imagine, modern beach town vibes meets Instagram food goals meets beach... ok open your eyes now I have to much to brag about.


In the past I’ve heard Noosa to be a favourite destination of a few people but always didn’t give it a go because it was pretty close to home and my goal was to travel overseas. After leaving Fraser Island I needed a bit of retail therapy and to stay on the main land, Noosa is basically a dream come true.


Arriving early yesterday morning we enjoyed a very relaxed day after 8 days of straight non stop backpacking, it was the best thing for us. We checked into Nomads Noosa around midday before heading over the hill to explore the beach and Hastings Street - a mix of high end boutiques and seriously yummy food. 


The hostel itself is fairly nice but because we spent most of our time in Noosa at the beach I think next time I’ll opt for closer to the beach. In saying that the walk is about 10-15 minutes which isn’t bad at all! It's fairly cheap and has a good atmosphere for young people. The pool is great and the rooms are fairly spacious.


Once arriving back to our hostel after a spot of sight seeing and shopping we went down to get some dinner. The hostel has a fairly large kitchen, outdoor eating space, pool and bar so we were quite content staying in for the night. After we had dinner we headed into our room and had a chat with the girls in our dorm before deciding it’s probably best we sleep off our exhaustion before our big day tomorrow.


After a pretty big sleep in for a backpacker we got up and had some breakfast, we decided we would do the Noosa National Park. About 15 KMs worth of coastal lookouts, bush and beaches!


We headed off around 12pm and stopped every so often to get photos, rest and have a swim! It was a fairly hot day surprisingly so sometimes the walk got a bit strenuous... it took us about 5-6 hours including stops to walk about 15/17kms. It's a good thing to do if you want to explore the coast line, get away from the hustle and bustle  ​and enjoy mostly empty beaches. 

It was so nice to get out of the hostel, not be on a tour and just enjoy doing what we wanted. We came back to our hostel around 5:30/6pm and had a quick bite to eat before heading off to watch the sunset over the beach. I highly recommend watching the sunset as much as you can at the river behind the beach. It's so beautiful, there are picnic areas and it's a good spot to have dinner.


It’s so nice to have no time limits on things, as much as I love organised travel having a break from it was ideal! We just came back to our hostel it’s around 7:30pm now, to pack our bags ready for Brisbane tomorrow. Looking back I wish we did have at least one more night to restart our systems because there is a fair bit of things to do to relax yourself ie: pilates and yoga classes, walks and restaurants to see. It can be fairly expensive to do all these these though so if you have a budget stay strong and remember if you can find it anywhere else it's probably going to be better to sleep on it and purchase it later. 


In saying that I did put a big dent into my bank account with my shopping. Also deciding where I was going to put all of it was going to be a struggle.

Our bus is at 10am tomorrow so a little sleep in, lazy breakfast and little walk to the bus stop is looking fairly achievable!  


More information about Noosa: 

Recommended hostel: Nomads Noosa. 

Recommended Hotel: 10 Hastings Boutique Motel and Cafe.

Average daily spend: $55 per person. Based on 1x coffee, Lunch out and basic cooked meal for dinner.

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