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I’m now travelling primarily solo. I’ve got a few friends from my Whitsundays tour that I’ll continue to travel down the coast with but apart from that it’s pretty much just me.


​I am seriously scared how the next few days will go. If you know me even in the slightest, I am usually never alone. I’ve always traveled with someone that I know or in a group tour etc. So the rest of this trip I will need to prove to myself I can travel alone, let’s see how it goes...


I’ve got a 3 day tour booked with Dingoes - Rainbow Beach Adventure Company of Fraser Island which I know not a soul. I like to think I’m fairly sociable and easily make friends but having no one it’s pretty scary even for me.

All packed for 3 days, we met in the hall at Rainbow beach to have a safety briefing and collect our food for the trip. I think it’s a blessing that I’ve been put with all girls, it’ll be easier to make friends and as most of us are solo or couple travellers it’s a great help because people aren’t so “cliquey”.


We set off for the 1 hour journey to Lake Mackenzie. Travelling in a convoy of 4 cars x 2 groups there was a fair few of us. Taking the ferry across from Rainbow Beach to Fraser Island we drove to our first stop about half way for some lunch. All meals are provided thankfully. After a quick bite to eat we headed off into the bush to Lake Mackenzie.

Once arriving at Lake Mackenzie we saw our first dingo. The island is meant to be home to a lot of dingos. Being from Australia it wasn’t as big a shock or fear as it was for some other travellers. We headed down to the lake and were welcomed by crystal white sand and one of the clearest waters I’ve ever seen.


​We had a quick swim and exfoliated with the sand. After putting it in my hair and rinsing it in the fresh water my hair has never felt so soft and healthy. After 8 days of constant salt water and conditioning washes it needed some relief! If you’re ever visiting Lake Mackenzie or Whitehaven Beach you have to try it for yourself.


We are heading to the camp site now to unpack our cars, set up camp and start dinner. The camp site is fairly large and can house over 60 people! There are two outdoor kitchen areas and one communal bathroom facility area with about 10 toilets and 6 showers. 


Waking up in the bush can be cool but also remembering we share it with nature isn’t so cool...

With alomost Everyone nursing a heavy hangover the birds thought they would wake us up at 6:30am...


We are going to leave the campsite at 9am today to explore some more of the island. It’s raining this morning so I’m sure the weather will depict what we do today. It’ll be interesting how the terrain holds up.


Today us girls are driving alone without our tour leader. It's the first time both drivers have driven on these conditions and in such big cars. As the law states you have to be under the legal drinking limit to drive the tour cars one of us drivers failed the breath test.   With this minor hiccup, we organised our drivers and headed out. 


Our first stop for the day was at the Champagne Pools, it was cold and raining but we made the most of it and had a quick dip before heading back to the cars. We then headed to a lookout and saw over 5 tiger sharks, 2 sting rays, 3 turtles and a lot of scared tourists....

Once our second driver was under the legal driving limit we swapped drivers, got back in our car and headed to a natural water river. Always 18 degrees and always fresh water we gathered some pool inflatables and went up and down the stream a few times. The best parts of our trip would definitely be the spontaneous detours and unplanned sights we saw.


Later in the afternoon with the rain and wind continuing we managed to get back in our cars and visit the shipwreck famous on Fraser Island. Shipwrecked in 1935 the cruise liner sits 3 stories deep on the sand bring thousands of tourists every year to the Island. The weather conditions didn't give us much of a break with rain and wind so we opted for a quick history lesson, photo op and back in our cars before heading back to base camp for the night. ​

Arriving roughly around 5:30pm we all had a chat before starting the cooking and of course followed by a few drinks.  I had to best vegan food this trip and it was so nice for them to accommodate on such short notice.


We thankfully went to sleep fairly early compared to last night. Sharing a campsite with over 150 others it's the perfect opportunity to meet new people who aren't on your trip and mingle with other groups! 

Tomorrow is our last day on tour and it's always so difficult to be with people for 2-3 days straight and then go separate ways. Our group bonded over a lot, being only girls it was so nice to just have girl time and enjoy company of like minded people who are there for the same reasons as you are!


Early morning start after a long night isn't always the best idea. We packed up camp and hit the road by 8:30am this morning.


Our first stop was a tea tree lake located 45 minute drive in land. The water was so clear and full of tea tree minerals. Although the water seemed very brown it's just as clear as the water i've seen anywhere on this trip. The minerals are intended to condition and help your skin remove bacteria and toxins on the surface of your skin. It was fairly cold this morning when are arrived so a few of us went only half way in before calling it a day. It was however great to feel my skin afterwards and know that it has had a little detox. 


We had some lunch at the lake before taking the journey back to the ferry to cross over to Rainbow beach... About 20 minutes into our return our lead vehicle was experiencing some difficulty driving... As "Brendo" our driver got out of the car he was shocked to see the wheel had come off the hub and was pretty much dislocated off the car.


After some serious man power and about 15 minutes later, the car was situated close enough to the side of the road 4wd's could get through. We got a tow back to the beach and waited for a recovery vehicle. #drama


In the mean time we used our resources from the trailer to our full advantage and had some drinks and exchanged stories to pass the time. It's times like these when you make the best out of any situation and having a group of girls where everyone was understanding and accepting of the situation made it all that much better....


After about 30 minutes, we were picked up and taken back to rainbow beach, grabbed some dinner and came down to write these past few days on my blog. It's now 11:30pm and I have to get a morning bus at 7:40am so I am definitely going to sign off and get some sleep.


It's been an amazing 3 days. When traveling it's easy to become easily attached to like minded people. This trip has taught me that I can travel on my own, I can make friends without needing a friend to help me and most off all that the friends you make on these trips near or far will always share these memories for a lifetime.


A big shout out to Brendo our Trip Leader who no matter the circumstance made us feel comfortable and make sure it was always first priority we were having fun. I would 100% recommend Dingo's if you're looking for a tour of Fraser Island. It can be a little pricey depending on the time of year but both tours I've done have been highlights and I am already planning when I'm going to come back and do them again.


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