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Sawadee Ka (hello in thai) Koh Samui. Koh Samui airport is such a small boutique airport, it has little trams to take us to the huts to get our bags. Palm trees everywhere. Arriving to our hotel, it was very luxurious. There are a few imperfections but all and all we are very happy with our decision. With special thanks to Luxury Escapes for the booking of this hotel. We settled in and enjoyed a 1 hour massage followed by drinks at the pool bar, and a buffet dinner, we couldn’t have asked for more. Today we are going to venture into the main centre of Koh Samui for some drinks and shopping. There is so much to do in the way of attractions and places to visit that i’m sure we ill have plenty to do during our 8 night stay. We can’t wait to enjoy our trip here and see what Koh Samui has to offer. ​


We are a bit reluctant on how the day was going to turn out, the weather forecast predicted rain and it was our last day before returning to Bangkok. So for us to make it worth while it had to be a full day of sightseeing. We started at the Big Budda in Koh Samui, a very busy shrine to say the least, it was originally built for the thai monks and lay to pray but soon become a tourist attraction due to its legends and size. As we arrived there were hundreds of people coming in and out of the landmark. As we climbed to the top it was nice to see up close the detail and effort that went into the making of the Buddha itself. As it was a few stories above the ground it was surrounded by gorgeous nature and ocean that stretched 360 degrees once you reached the top. Once we finished at the buddha, we continued on the a few smaller temples and statues close by, again displaying extraordinary detail throughout.  Our next stop was the Chaweng Beach view point, it was a 180 view of the island, the beautiful crystal blue water, clear and soft. Our next stop was the Grandmother and Grandfather rocks, named after the shape of the rocks as they look like female and male gentials. It was an interesting attraction. It was surprisedly very busy there was more people there than most of the other attractions. Our next stop was elephant treking and the biggest waterfall on the island. Firstly I am very cautious about the products I use and the foods I eat as a result of animal cruelty.  We were told that these elephants were treated very well, they're riders are always with them, sleep in the same stable, eat with them etc, so I was a little hesitant but we proceeded. I am going to say it now, that I would most likely never do it again. Although the animals are allowed to roam free of the river and forrest land throughout the ride it was definitely just there for tourist purposes.  There was cuts on the elephants head, I'm assuming as a result of the rider stabling it with an axe each carried. The whole ride I kept asking to go back, if I had one regret from this trip it would be that. I did feel a bit easier about it as we got to feed and nurture the elephants but again we had to pay for it. The waterfall just minutes walk from the trekking was one of the most picturesque  things i've seen, very tall and beaming with water it stood 3-4 stories high. Our last destination of the day was lunch other a lookout in Koh Samui. It was an excellent way to  finish our tour, the food was beautiful- very cheap and the views well... priceless.


We visited Football Golf before we left the Island and 100% must go if you are a football/soccer fan, it was a great bit of friendly competition and great activity to get out an enjoy Koh Samui! 


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