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Average holiday spent in Brisbane: 2-4 days

Culture: Mostly locals

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We arrived in Brisbane from Noosa around midday after our bus was 1 hour delayed. There wasn't one cloud in the sky, from having heavy rain and strong winds for the past 2 weeks it was amazing to have hot weather!


We headed to my hostel - Bunk Brisbane - BTW highly recommend, its clean, modern, central and has a good bar downstairs! It was very cheap as well which coming to the end of my trip and having done a cheeky shopping spree in Noosa I am counting every penny. It is in Fortitude Valley which is great place to go out as there are bars and clubs around.

It was 35 degrees celsius and humid when we decided to walk from our hostel to South Bank. It's about a 40 minute walk but we stopped for some shopping in the middle so it didn't feel so long. Around 3pm we got to the Streets Beach, it's an artificial beach in the middle of the city. It was fairly busy but we found a spot and cooled down in the water before meeting our friend from Fraser Island. I've been so lucky to have people who are travelling to the same places as I am so i'm rarely alone. 

To be honest I didn't see much of Brisbane in my one day here but know enough that I want to come back in the further for sure. It is a busy city with so much to see and do! On this trip it was just a stop over before heading to Byron today, but i'm totally glad I did it, the weather was beautiful, the people were friendly and the food was amazing!


If you're looking to eat somewhere South Bank at night has so many restaurants and bars, they all close fairly early so be sure to check the opening hours if you're going to be eating later than usual.

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