​What a day! We are lucky enough to be staying on the river for our first stay in Bangkok.

Luckily for us there are a fair few tourist attractions that are housed up and down of the Chao Phraya River. Today we boarded the ferry and explored what our legs and now sore feet could handle. It was a full on day starting at 10am after a HUGE buffet breakfast thanks to the Shangri -La. Our ferry stop was just outside the hotel which made for easy transport there and back.  We visited Wat Arun, by accident as we mistaken our ferry stop. It was one of the tallest, beautiful temples I have seen yet. It wasn't too busy which made it feel very local and special…. Our next stop was the famous and tourist capital Khao San Road. As we went quite early and it being a government holiday it wasn’t busy and only a few of the bars and clubs had people in them. It was a tourists delight when you're exploring and just trying to get your bearings. It was filled with large bars, small shopping stalls and little shops with hidden surprises.  We stopped for a drink and my gosh is everything cheap here, we wanted a cheap holiday and thats what we got! I ordered a fresh lemon juice for myself and a big Chang (thailand’s national beer) and it was only $8 AUD. It was enough to get us by the home stretch of our day. After having a wonder through the quiet streets surrounding Khao San it was hard to see the state that some Thai people are forced to live in as a result of poverty. I am so grateful for everything I have today and that really showed me that I’m very lucky to be in the position I am and to be doing what I do.  Returning back to the hotel we explored what looks like a food village market which we eyed up for dinner… We got into bed had a nap and ordered some room service and today I think we will call a day!



Waking up at 5am does have it perks that's for sure. We managed to fit in a gym session, get to breakfast early and enjoy the sunrise in Bangkok. Today we will venture into the city centre of Bangkok and explore what the shopping has to offer. We are both suffering from slight jet lag as we are both early raisers and early sleepers, this means we fell asleep at 7pm last night and were up at 5am, not ideal. I am excited to explore Bangkok via public transport. Taxi's and Uber's are very cheap but don't give you any insight into the hidden alleys and stalls that is on offer. Taking the train today will be interesting because I hear it is much busier than Sydney. 


Watch this space for all of todays photos and what we actually ended up doing on our second day in Bangkok!

After a big breakfast at the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok we got a taxi to the shopping hub in Bangkok city. It was full of small markets, luxury shops and lots of tourists. We only stayed long enough to look through one shopping centre as we organised to meet up with my sister and go to the floating markets in Amphawa. The drive down took one and a half hours, as there wasn't enough room in the cabin of the ute we sat in the back of the tray. For my boyfriend it was such a new concept, he had this big grin on this face for 75% of the journey there until after a while your but goes num and your face suffers so much wind it becomes like sitting in front of a large fan for 2 hours, Ha Ha! Once we arrived these markets where so unique, I don't recall being to any before and they are such an experience. The food from the streets, market and restaurants is second to none. Although I do say to avoid street food, I succumbed to peer pressure and tried some pork, although my mentality was to not eat it, I enjoyed the flavour. Once we walked around we took the 2 hour trip back home. We faced the sunset on the back of the ute and it was so beautiful. Upon returning back in the city, we had a few drinks and went out for dinner to the local sports club where we stayed till late watching the football and playing pool. It was a long day but defiantly worth it.


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