Byron Bay




My bus arrived around midday into Byron Bay. I honestly didn't realise how small the town was but also so happy because after Brisbane I needed small towns again, walking from one end to the other is my idea of travel these days.


After arriving at my hostel I made my way down to the beach to meet up with some friends I met on Fraser Island. We hung out for the better part of the rest of the day before heading back to my hostel to get ready for dinner.


I decided to eat out, sticking to being vegan for the duration of the trip I've loved Poke Bowls, I got myself a juice and a bowl and just enjoyed the sunset. A little expensive but my priority is feeling good by eating vegan not my budget. 


I went back home to get dressed to head out for some drinks in the evening. We got back into town to go out around 12am, if i'm being honest there isn't too many places to go out in Byron Bay. Going out in Byron Bay in my opinion will depend on who you're with rather than where you are. Either way we got home at 3:30am so it must have been good...


Byron Bay is full of buskers and we saw an amazing singer that went by the name of "Tones and I". She was amazing and we sat there for at least 45 minutes listening to her covers and songs. 

After trolling Instagram this morning for some places to visit, I met up with my friend from Sydney and some girls I met on Fraser Island and we went to "The Farm" located about 5-10 minute drive outside to Byron Bay its a cute little country farm to spend a couple hours exploring with a picnic.


There isn't too much to see but it was nice to enjoy the country side having only seen beaches for the last two weeks - (not complaining though!) There was mean't to be gorgeous Sunflowers but unfortunately they had all died or needed some TLC so we just had a wonder around them nevertheless. 


We headed back into town for lunch before a storm came over. After lunch we went to the weekend markets which were cute, but fairly small though. We had a bit more of a walk around before getting some food for dinner.  I came back to my hostel just to chill and will start making dinner soon before meeting some more friends and have a sight seeing day tomorrow, so need some serious sleep! 


Byron Bay is so far my second favourite place this whole trip, after Noosa of course. If you are thinking about going to Byron Bay make sure you make it happen! 


This morning we went for a morning walk to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. We planned to go for sunrise but thankfully we all decided it was a better idea to go around 9:30am. It was a slow morning for all of us so we decided to get an uber there and back.


The uber from town is about $10-15 depending on surcharges and time of day etc. We arrived and had a walk around the lighthouse and theres a walk that starts from Main Beach and goes all the way up to the lighthouse so we walked a little bit of that. There was surprisingly a fair amount of people at the lighthouse at that time. I’d say if you want to enjoy the views and have it to yourself definitely go either early morning or very late afternoon. We spend about an hour just walking around. There is a cafe up there, we didn’t try it but that is also something you can do while your there.

About 3-5 friends that i’ve met on the east coast had arrived in the afternoon so we decided to get a group together and head for a bit of sightseeing. Byron Bay has a small town, two main streets that you can walk in about 10 minutes top to bottom. I really enjoyed the Yoflo Frozen Yoghurt, I ate it about 2-3 times a day, it was healthy alternative to ice cream as it was so hot and also a nice fretting treat. I recommend Poke Bowl it’s off the main street and had a really yummy vegan poke bowl, I got the large to last me over two days which was a perfect way to do two meals for the price of one! I also enjoyed about 5 fresh orange juices and lots of fresh fruit, there are small shops to get groceries from but Aldi and Woolworths also are in town so there is plenty of choice… ​​


We headed onto the beach with our group in the afternoon and no one had seen the lighthouse beside me and Shudi so we took everyone up, we did the walk this time from Main Beach. We stopped a fair few times and I reckon it look us 1-2 hours. The stairs leading up to the lighthouse are pretty tough but the walk is mostly flat and had amazing views of the coast line. 


It was the best way to spend my last full day in Byron Bay surrounded by friends and people I travelled with. We had a great time before heading back to our hostels to have a quick dinner and then grab some drinks to hit the town for my last night. 


The nightlife in Byron is fairly limited. There is about 3 places to go and most of the time your experience will depend on the people you go with rather than the venue. As it was Sunday every pub, and club in Byron closed at 10pm, so we were hyped on 'drunk' food, a little bit of alcohol but managed to find a place that was open till midnight just by the beach.


When going out in Byron a lot of the streets end up being filled with party goers as the places to go out either close or aren’t too good. If you’re intending on going out in Byron Bay and are staying in a hostel check out their recommendations because overnight is a new thing.


Byron was amazing, we had such good weather from morning until afternoon when I got my flight home. We had a breakfast - frozen yoghurt of course and then headed straight to the beach to enjoy some sunlight. Today was nice to bring my trip to a close. I enjoyed being outdoors everyday and meeting new people everywhere I go. I wish I still got to travel for another month and could stay for christmas with the friends i’ve met on my trip. I am looking forward to seeing my family after a month and especially for it to be Christmas. 

 I am excited for all my friends who I met to come back to Sydney for New Years for one last time before everyone heads home. I’m currently flying back to Sydney with clear skies, enjoying the gorgeous views and doing my blog. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a massive thank you for travelling online with me throughout my travels this year and I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds.


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