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My first travel overseas

In 2015, recently graduated from High School in Sydney, I booked a 6 month solo around the world itinerary.  I spent over $8-10k AUD in pre booking flights, hotels, activities, tours you name it. I had never travelled solo before let alone overseas. My first stop, January 25 - Los Angeles. I arrived having not slept, full of anxiety and not confident in what I was getting myself into. Back then blogs, Instagram and social media didn't exist like it does today. A big long story short a had my first ever panic attack, booked a flight home and landed back in Sydney less than 24 hours after I left. I experienced a lot of social and emotional hardships as a resulted of my experience which made me want to create something that you see today.

Creating the travelling nanny blog

In 2016/17 I was encouraged to start a blog. Somewhere to share my travel experiences with others and to open the conversation about travel so others can learn. I started "The Travelling Nanny Blog" - I was a nanny at the time. 

First Collaboration

In 2018, was lucky enough to be able to

collaborate with 'Travel Democracy' to visit New Zealand.  

Travelling for 'work' was something I

want to get used to. We experienced a 10-day South Island Adventure. You can find out more by reading our day to day here.

Rebranded to A World Passport

In early 2019 I wanted to start a career. I was offered a role as a travel agent and thought "Yeah, Why Not?". Today, I work full time as a travel agent, I spend my weekends away exploring new places and writing about my experiences. In light of the change, it was also time to rebrand. Welcome to 'A World Passport' blog. 

Currently living in Sydney, Australia.  
I started travelling when I was 16 years old. I made an income being a nanny for over 3 years which allowed me to travelling the world.

Since 2016 I have travelled to over 28 countries visiting over 35 cities. Although I don't nanny anymore I have found my passion for travelling.

Since finishing to nanny I have studied a marketing, travel and production degree, and now work as a travel agent. 


Due to Covid-19 I am focusing full time on my blog and starting my own marketing and design business, coming later in 2020.

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